Management on Demand

It’s inevitable in business, change happens – organizational, operational, technological, strategic. Sometimes you initiate it, sometimes it just happens. In either case, if you don’t take charge it can overwhelm you. Opportunities will be missed, profits lost.

Duma Tau is your resource for managing changes that are challenging your company. We provide management expertise to help you take charge of your business. You employ us as needed without a long-term investment in personnel. And you remain in control.

Take Charge Attitude

In Africa, Duma Tau means “roar of the lion.” To us it conveys a take charge attitude. It reflects the purpose of our business: helping companies take charge of their business by managing change.

We understand your challenges because we’ve been in your shoes. Your plate is full with critical changes to implement – systems integration projects, initiatives to keep pace with today’s ever-changing technology, internal control improvements, financial reporting enhancements, organizational restructuring, and so many others. You may also face unexpected changes – loss of key personnel, new competition and changing customer expectations.

So, what do you do? Take charge. Set priorities. Get to work. You need experienced managers who can take the ball and run with it . . . under your direction. If you don’t have the right people in-house, you need to go outside for help.

A New Resource

Do you conduct a search for a permanent hire? Contract with a consulting firm? Or retain temporary help through an agency? Now you have a new alternative – partnering with Duma Tau to get the best attributes of the conventional options from one firm.

Duma Tau’s Management on Demand delivers seasoned professionals for project management and interim roles. We’re a flexible resource – there when you need us with no long-term commitment. Our fees are not inflated by excessive overhead and our professionals have the experience to hit the bricks running. We’re your management partner. We blend with your team.

Work With Experienced Professionals

Duma Tau’s areas of expertise include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Systems and Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Management

If you’re ready to take charge of your changing business environment, partner with Duma Tau to get the management expertise you need to succeed . . . on demand.

Change happens. Manage it.

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