Jennifer K. Lane

Jennifer has 15 years of bottom-up experience in Service and Sales organizations with positions as Area Financial Manager, Project Consultant, Corporate Project Manager, and Director of Operations.

Her expertise is focused in:

  • Operations and organization improvement
  • Staff training and skill development
  • Administrative management
  • Information systems management
  • Systems development and implementation

Jennifer’s industry experience encompasses:

  • Business and consumer services
  • Funeral and cemetery operations

A selection of her distinguished accomplishments:

As an Area Financial Manager, Jennifer supervised the financial activities of 50 funeral homes and cemeteries for the world’s largest funeral service company. Key accomplishments included:

Directing a liability relief project that resulted in several million dollars of recovered revenue

Independently developing, implementing, and supervising an Accounts Receivable program that resulted in a 30% reduction in outstanding balances

Conducting an embezzlement investigation that led to restitution payments totaling $800,000

As a Corporate Project Manager for a large Midwest funeral/cemetery service consolidator, she managed key projects aimed at improving profitability and competitive market position.

As a Project Consultant, Jennifer assumed a lead role in a project to customize and implement a comprehensive management information system for a multi-location, $25 million dollar sales and service company.

As Director of Operations, Jennifer was instrumental in the start-up of an advance planning / insurance agency. Although primarily responsible for back office operations, she was also involved in developing sales presentations for prospective clients and designing direct mail campaigns.

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