Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Duma Tau?

Consider hiring Duma Tau if:

  • You have several critical initiatives in the works but lack the skilled personnel to get them done.
  • You have considered making a permanent hire to fill a current management need, but feel that your needs may be temporary or may change.
  • You would like to bring in outside help but your prior experience with consultants or temp agencies makes you wary of going that route again.
  • You worry that opportunities will be lost if you can’t accomplish your business objectives in a reasonable time frame.
  • You can use an experienced, resourceful professional to manage a project or fill a temporary/interim position.
  • You want an “easy to work with” business partner who can provide the management talent you need…on demand.

How do I know that Duma Tau Client Service Partners will be able to help me?

Our client Service Partners are well positioned to help you because:

  • We are seasoned professionals, not professionals-in-training.
  • We have been in your shoes and understand the challenges you face.
  • We are resourceful, results-oriented managers who know how to make things happen.
  • We roll up our sleeves and hit the bricks running.
  • We like a challenge and take pride in getting the job done.

What are the qualifications of Duma Tau’s partners?

Our Client Service Partners are proven professionals with:

  • 10 to 30+ years of on-the-job experience
  • Extensive management experience in C-level (e.g., CFO, CIO), VP, Director or Manager level positions
  • Distinguished track records of on-the-job accomplishments
  • A commitment to quality

Our Client Service Partners are:

  • Resourceful, hand-on workers
  • Self-motivated, self-reliant professionals
  • Results-oriented facilitators

How does Duma Tau differ from the typical consulting firm?

  • Experienced professionals handle your work, not “professionals-in-training.”
  • We report directly to you. You’re in control of the work.
  • We take a flexible approach that is adapted to your environment. We do not follow predefined or “one size fits all” methodologies.
  • You get a skilled professional who serves as an integral part of your management team.
  • Our fees are not inflated by excessive overhead.

How does Duma Tau differ from temporary personnel agencies?

  • Duma Tau is a business partner, not an agency. All of our resources are available to assist clients in achieving their objectives.
  • Our Client Service Partners are a select group of professionals who prefer the challenges of working with diverse clients.
  • Our Client Service Partners view themselves as management partners rather than temporary help.

What qualities make my company well suited for Duma Tau services?

  • You know where you’re going and what it takes to get there.
  • You know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You know when and where you need help.
  • You know the value of experienced professionals.
  • You know that bringing in “new blood” can provide a fresh perspective and new ideas. It energizes your organization.

What do I have to lose by hiring Duma Tau?

  • It’s essentially a risk-free proposition. Your only commitment is to take action to improve your business and the quality of your work life.

How do I get started with Duma Tau?

  • Contact us. We’ll meet with you to determine how we can best serve you.
  • There’s no cost to explore the possibilities. You might even get some free advice.