How We Work

Our primary resource is our people. As our client, you benefit from the collective experience, knowledge and skills of the professionals within our ranks at Duma Tau. We accomplish that by serving you in two capacities – as Directors and as Client Service Partners.

A Duma Tau Director is responsible for managing our relationship with you, our client. The director serves as your liaison with Duma Tau and monitors the progress of our work for you. The Director matches the skills of our Client Service Partners with your needs. It’s the Director’s responsibility to ensure that we do everything possible to help you achieve your goals. You are not billed for the Director’s time in this management capacity.

A Duma Tau Client Service Partner is the experienced professional who joins your team to handle the work specified in our engagement. The Client Service Partner reports directly to you. And the work of the Client Service Partner is billable to you.

Engaging Duma Tau

  • At the outset of the engagement, our Directors work with you to define responsibilities and goals to ensure that we are in sync and headed in the same direction.
  • Once our role is defined, we propose a specific Client Service Partner(s) to work with you, subject to your approval.
  • We agree on terms and fees for our services and execute a simple client service agreement.
  • Then we go to work for you.

Throughout our business relationship, Directors stay in touch with you to monitor progress and address any issues.

Fees and terms

Fees for our services are commensurate with the experience and skills of our Client Service Partners. Accordingly, our fees range from $95 to $195 per hour. Depending upon the nature of the engagement, fees may be charged on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Fees are due and payable weekly or bi-weekly. Timely payment of our fees enables us to avoid increases.


Any proprietary information that you provide to us during the course of our work is held in strictest confidence.

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