Why Hire Us?

Is your plate full with critical work to be accomplished but without the skilled professionals on board to get it done? What do you do?

You can take the conventional route. Fill your staffing needs in one of three traditional ways:

Or take an innovative path

Partner with Duma Tau and get the advantages of the conventional options without the potential pitfalls. Duma Tau’s Management on Demand service offers:


Experienced Client Service Partners are in place and up-to-speed quickly.

Bypass a time consuming executive search…or buy yourself time to conduct a search for the right person.


Client Service Partners report directly to you. You’re in control of their work and in the driver’s seat.

We join forces with your management team, functioning more as insiders than outsiders.


Your needs are closely matched to skills of Client Service Partners. There are no multiple layers of management. You get what you pay for.

Our fees for senior level expertise are less than those charged by most consulting firms.

Low Risk

Your needs dictate services and costs. Client Service Partners can be replaced quickly as those needs change.

You get executive level services without a permanent increase in executive payroll when we fill interim or temporary positions.


Management on Demand service enables you to draw on management expertise as needed.

Your existing staff has time to accomplish critical objectives when Client Service Partners are brought in to handle some of the workload.


Satisfy immediate needs until long-term staffing requirements can be defined.

Position your company for growth or for sale with Client Service Partners’ expertise.

Identify opportunities for improvement with a fresh perspective.

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